Some random goodies

All from professors:

"So, ladies, if you have a boyfriend that won't commit, it's not because he's a jerk - he's a MUTANT! (vasopressin AVPR1 mutant)" 

"Nodular by nature" (on the thyroid)

"As everyone knows, when you remove the pineal gland from a patient, they become soulless, flesh-eating zombies. It's very dangerous."

"I love giving lectures on guts and butts - so put your seatbelts on." 

“daily bowel action” 

"through some variety of transvaginal route, she thought she had acquired medical knowledge*” 

My moment of Zen**: 
"I'm not saying that in order to be a physician, you have to have a dirty mind...but it helps."

*wow, this would make med school so much more FUN
**if you don't know that this references The Daily Show, you need to get on that.

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