Review Sessions

Sometimes upper years throw us reviews. It's like throwing us a post-exam party, but a lot less fun. Except that I usually get a lot out of it - they're sometimes better teachers than our professors.  Except when things like this happen:

Classmate interrupts upper year – “oh we haven’t had the cancer info yet, we have that next block”

Upper year, “Oh really? MOST EVIL LAUGH EVER*"

Terror. I am now filled with it. 
(ok, reality check SR - which is worse: learning about cancer or having cancer? Seriously? At this moment I am not sure...)**

*I don't even know how to make this an onamonapia.  Speaking of onamonapias, enjoy this:

**This moment passed quickly and I am sure I would much rather learn about cancer... sometime I have vastly inappropriate thoughts.  I plan on sharing them with you. I usually realize and acknowledge they're inappropriate, but I think it's a good thing to document the little crazy moments I have in medical school 

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