Best Quotes from Repro

This was the best unit so far. The teaching was excellent, explicit, and done with a great sense of humor:

"I'm not saying that in order to be a physician, you have to have a dirty mind...but it helps."

“This one is yellow, and the other is extra large” –passing condoms around

“What, you might ask is a fomite? A fomite is anything a patient might put in her vagina.  Like if she douches. Or… what am I thinking of… yes, a vibrator”

Using a story about a trans woman who was the baker at our professor's grocery store, he made the point that everyone seemed to know and not care at all, which is the way it should be. He said, “it made me incredibly happy to eat her rolls, which were quite delicious”

“I loved Barbies when I was growing up – no surprise to anyone” (openly gay professor making the point that his straight male cousin also played Barbies)

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